Thursday, January 23, 2014

Genetics and Geneology

This is a first for me posting today since my initial Blog setup.  For sometime now I have been a member of  Needless to say I never knew that I would inherit 30 plus 4th Cousins and 717 plus distance cousins.  Now I am trying to figure out what to do with them.  Of course there isn't enough time in my life to work on all of them.  So I think that I would start with some of the 4th cousin and I did.  I found out that I matched Dianna in two places; the second chromosomes and at the eighteenth chromosomes. Dianna is listed as my 4th cousin.  Dianna relatives are from Choctaw, Alabama and areas surrounding or near the borders of Alabama; GA and FL and NC.

Recently, Dianna has led me to many other family connections through Genetics DNA.  I am very excited in going forth with my detective work on my 4th great grandmother and family of Hayes and Koonce Line. This will be my next post.  I have been reading as much as possible as everyone makes a post and learn about the various search cites everyone is very professional with.  So, I am trying to play catch up.  After reviewing them, I still have a lot to look at.  My goal is to try and post more should time allow.

If there is anyone who would like to compare DNA kits numbers especially you Luckie I am not sure how this group trade (AAGSAR) numbers but I am interested.  Please let me know my facebook messenger would be or however I am told to exchange through group rules or contacts?  I am very curious what we can find and be very surprised when we find it.  Thanks again Bernita for helping me.

P.S. I found out I have over 600 cousins in one groups of my family alive and well with the Pollock's last name and their other names through marriages....until we meet again.

All of you are the greatest in your posting and add a lot of information to this cite.  Please keep up the Great Work!

It has been fun once again.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Whatever Happened to Angeline Hayes?

My search to find information on my paternal 4X great grandmother Angeline Hayes has played out like a unsolved mystery.  One minute she's there and the next...poof gone without a trace.  Angeline a mulatto was born into slavery around 1829 in Georgia.  She was sold to Koonce plantation owner of Henry County, Alabama.  While on the Koonce plantation, she possibly married George Hayes (a mulatto) there on the plantation or before she was purchased and she had two children (Ella and George) with him.  She also had children by Koonce, before and during her marriage to George.  According to family lore, Koonce sold George to his family member nearby plantation to get him away from Angeline. 

Angeline doesn't appear anywhere until 1880.  She's now 51 years old, living in Bascom, Florida with her three children (Clopton Koonce, Ella and George Hayes).  Just as quickly as she appears, the ever so mysterious Angeline vanishes never to be heard from again.   

What happened to Angeline? Did she pass away?  Did tragedy strike?  Family legend has it that maybe she just up and left, went on her merry way.  Time to put on my detective hat and channel my inner Colombo and solve the mystery of her disappearance.